Applies to: 
Requalifying Auditors completing ADP Initial and Retake Assessments.
New Auditors completing Initial and Retake Assessments and Phase 2 Evaluation events.
CB Contact People supporting auditor qualification and requalification activities.

Live Virtual Proctoring is an alternative to in-person proctoring where you connect to an online meeting using screen sharing, your webcam, and your microphone while completing your IATF assessment and evaluation activities.  It allows you to complete the assessments and evaluations from any quiet location while ensuring the integrity of the ADP qualification process.  Live Virtual proctoring eliminates the travel-related time and costs associated with in-person proctoring.  All ADP initial and retake assessments, and the Phase 2 Evaluation process, can be completed in either an In-Person or Live Virtual proctored setting.


How does it work?

Live Virtual Proctoring uses Zoom Meeting technology to provide a private workspace for each candidate where they share their screen, video, and audio with the proctor.  The proctor will visit the room regularly throughout the session to verify assessment conditions meet all applicable requirements.

  1. At the scheduled time you will join the Zoom meeting.

  2. The proctor will escort you to your private Breakout Room.

  3. You will share your screen, audio, and video within the breakout room.  (You will continue sharing the whole time during the session, and may not visit any other websites or use any other programs.)

  4. You will complete a setup verification procedure with the proctor to verify your room conditions.

  5. You will receive the Access Code needed to take your ADP Assessments.  For the Phase 2 Evaluation, the proctor will grant you access to the Case Study.

  6. The proctor/evaluator may ask you at any time to perform additional verification steps, as needed.

  7. When you complete your assessments or interview, you will close the ADP and exit the Zoom meeting.

What do I need to use Live Virtual Proctoring?

You will be completing the proctored assessments in your home or other private workspace using your own computer.  Please ensure your assessment environment meets these technical requirements:

  • Laptop or Desktop computer running a supported version of either Windows or MacOS.  (You may NOT use a phone or tablet.)
  • HD Webcam (either built-in or external, at least 720p resolution)
  • Speaker(s) and microphone (either built-in or external - headsets/earbuds may NOT be worn)
  • Multiple monitors may NOT be used.  (If you have additional monitors, they will need to be disconnected from the computer and unplugged from the power outlet.)
  • A Computer Privacy Screen Filter is strongly recommended.
  • High-speed internet of at least 10 Mbps download, 5 Mbps upload.  (Test your speed.  We recommend using a wired connection whenever possible.)
  • Zoom Client for Meetings software installed.  (You must use the dedicated Client software instead of connecting via your web browser.  See also Zoom Client for Meetings System Requirements.  You must use a supported version of the Zoom Client software according to Zoom's support policy.)
  • A supported web browser that has been verified as working to access training/quizzes on the IATF ADP website. 

In addition, prior to attending any Live Virtual Proctored Session you must attend a Live Virtual Pre-Meeting, explained below.

What is a Live Virtual Pre-Meeting?

A Live Virtual Pre-Meeting is a one-to-two hour online Zoom meeting where a qualified IATF ADP proctor explains the Live Virtual proctoring process and verifies that you are able to successfully use all necessary Zoom features.  You must attend a Live Virtual Pre-Meeting prior to your proctored assessment session or Phase 2 Evaluation event.

Each auditor only needs to attend a pre-meeting once in total; if you already attended prior to attending a proctored assessment session, you do NOT need to attend again prior to your Phase 2 Evaluation.  (If an auditor restarts the qualification process entirely, then they would need to attend a pre-meeting again if attending a IATF Live Virtual event.)

Live Virtual Pre-Meeting dates are available to schedule in the ADP, and you may choose any available session as long as you can speak and understand the Proctor Language.  We recommend you choose a pre-meeting that is geographically close to your physical location to ensure best connectivity speeds.

How do I sign up?

Assuming you meet all other requirements to complete ADP assessments or the Phase 2 Evaluation event, auditors can find Live Virtual scheduling options in the "Session Scheduling" tab of the ADP Dashboard.  Designated CB Contacts can also perform scheduling for their auditors and auditor candidates by accessing the "Schedule" section of the ADP Admin Site.  Please see the appropriate link below for more information.

How can I learn more?

For more information about the Live Virtual Proctoring process, please review the Live Virtual Proctored Assessments Information Package. This guide explains each step of the process, including details of the ADP assessments, specifics of the Setup Verification procedure, and the Live Virtual Proctored Session Checklist.