Applies to:
Requalifying Auditors completing ADP Initial and Retake Assessments.
New Auditors completing Initial and Retake Assessments (coming soon).

Scheduling your Attendance

Auditors can schedule for Live Virtual Proctored Sessions from the IATF ADP Dashboard by selecting the "Session Scheduling" tab (as highlighted below):

Click the Session Scheduling tab to access Live Virtual scheduling features.

All auditors must attend a Live Virtual Pre-Meeting prior to their Live Virtual Proctored Session. This one-to-two-hour Zoom meeting introduces you to how Live Virtual Proctoring works and ensures your computer is compatible and ready for the Live Virtual proctored environment. To schedule for a Live Virtual Pre-Meeting, click on the "Schedule for Live Virtual Pre-Meeting" button highlighted below.

Available Pre-Meeting dates will appear on the calendar.  Click on a date to view further event details, as shown below, and click on the Schedule button if you wish to choose this date.

Important Points to remember about Live Virtual Sessions:

  1. Choose a session where you can understand and speak the Proctor Language.  If you are unable to communicate with the proctor, you will be unable to complete your assessments.

  2. Choose a session that is geographically close to your location to ensure the fastest connection.

  3. Live Virtual sessions are automatically converted to your own time zone, which may not match the time zone of the proctor. If you travel and are in a different time zone when attending the session, please keep this in mind.

  4. You will receive your Zoom meeting information by email after IATF confirms the session. For Live Virtual Pre-Meetings, this typically occurs one week or more prior to the session date. For Live Virtual Proctored Sessions, this typically occurs 3 to 5 business days prior to the session.

After you schedule for a Live Virtual Pre-Meeting, you will be eligible to schedule for any Live Virtual Proctored Sessions.  Click on the assessments you wish to schedule and choose the "Schedule" button to see the list of available dates on the calendar.  Live Virtual session will be indicated with a computer icon, while in-person sessions (where travel is required) will be indicated with airplane icon.

NOTE: If you have not scheduled for, or previously attended, a Live Virtual Pre-Meeting, you will not see the option to select Live Virtual proctored sessions.  Schedule for a Pre-Meeting first, then the Live Virtual Proctored Sessions will become available.

When scheduling for retakes at a Live Virtual Proctored Session, you may also see the option to choose a "time block" in either the morning or afternoon.  Your Personal Start Time will be assigned based on the selection you make when scheduling.  As mentioned previously, please remember that times shown for Live Virtual events are automatically converted to your local time zone.

Cancelling your Attendance

If you wish to cancel your attendance at a Live Virtual Proctored Session, you may click the "Cancel" button located in the Scheduled Events tab, as shown below.

Important guidelines about cancellation:

  1. You may only cancel your scheduled attendance if it is before the scheduling deadline and the session has not yet been approved.  After the scheduling deadline and/or session approval, you will not be able to cancel your attendance through the website. (In these cases you may contact IATF ADP Support, but please note the additional guidelines below.)

  2. If you are scheduled for both a Live Virtual Pre-Meeting and Live Virtual Proctored Session, you will not be allowed to cancel your Pre-Meeting unless you first cancel the Proctored Session attendance.  This is to ensure that you attend a pre-meeting before your proctored session.  In this situation, cancel the Proctored Session, cancel the Pre-Meeting, reschedule the pre-meeting, and re-schedule the Proctored Session, in that order.

  3. Once a Live Virtual Proctored Session has been approved, you will be assigned a Personal Start Time.  This time is personally reserved for you, and once issued it cannot be given to another auditor.  As a result, late cancellations or "no shows" at Live Virtual Proctored Sessions are subject to a Cancellation Fee. Please make sure you will be available prior to scheduling for a Live Virtual Proctored Session.

  4. In case a Live Virtual Proctored Session fails to meet minimum attendance requirements, or in case of emergency, your Live Virtual Pre-Meeting or Proctored Session may be cancelled.  In this case, you will be able to reschedule for any other available pre-meeting or proctored session dates without any penalties or additional fees.

For more information about Live Virtual Proctoring, please review the Live Virtual Proctoring Information Package.