Applies to:
CB Contact People supporting auditor qualification and requalification activities.

Designated CB Administrators (Contact People) can schedule their auditors for Live Virtual Pre-Meetings and Proctored Sessions through the IATF ADP Admin Site by clicking the "Schedule" link.

Before an auditor can be scheduled for Live Virtual Proctored Sessions, they must first be scheduled for, or have attended, a Live Virtual Pre-Meeting.  Click the "Schedule for Live Virtual Pre-Meetings" link to open the scheduling interface.  

First, click on a date from the options listed in the Event Listing table (shown below).

Review the event details (as shown below).  If other auditors from your CB are already scheduled to this event, they will be shown in the list on the right.  Otherwise, if auditors who work for different CBs are scheduled for this event, you will see the indication that "additional auditors" are attending.

Click on the "Add Participant" button to open the search interface.  You can search for auditors by name or auditor (identifying) number, then click search to view the filtered participant list (as shown below).

Click on the name in the search results to view the confirm screen (shown below) and click "Yes" to complete the scheduling process.

For instructions about scheduling auditors for proctored sessions, please review the IATF ADP CB Administrator Guidebook.  (If you are a designated CB Contact Person and need a copy of this Guidebook, please contact your Oversight Office or ask the IATF ADP Program Manager.) The only important thing to note is that only auditors who have scheduled for, or attended, a Live Virtual Pre-Meeting will appear in the list of schedulable auditors at Live Virtual Proctored Sessions. This means that some auditors may appear in the list for In-Person (Travel Required) sessions, but will not appear for Live Virtual sessions until you schedule them to a pre-meeting (following the steps above).