Below is a copy of the Live Virtual Proctored Session Joining Letter, received when a Live Virtual Proctored Session is approved by the IATF.  The copy you receive by email will include personalized information, including the Zoom meeting invite, your personal start time, and a calendar attachment that will convert the event into your own time zone.

This is an automated E-mail sent by the IATF Auditor Development Process.  This is to confirm that the event indicated below has now been APPROVED and will run as scheduled.


*** IMPORTANT: The process for attending the proctored session has recently changed, and may be different compared to what was explained at your Live Virtual Pre-Meeting.  Please review these instructions carefully. ***

[Your email would include details of the proctored session and your personal start time here.]

Please take time zones into consideration when reviewing the above times!  The attached iCalendar file will allow you to import this event to your calendar in most popular email software and services, and this will convert the above date/time into your local time zone.  You may also find the local dates/times on the Scheduled Events section of the ADP website.

If you are scheduled to complete your ADP Initial Assessments and did not pay your Sponsorship Balance Fee prior to your Initial Auditor Training, please ensure that payment of this fee has been fully received/processed prior to the assessment date.  Note that payment via bank transfer may require 10 to 20 business days for processing.  If your Sponsorship Balance Fee is not marked as paid in the ADP, you will NOT be able to complete your ADP Initial Assessments and will need to be rescheduled.

If you are no longer able to attend this proctored session and would like to cancel your scheduled attendance, please contact IATF ADP Technical Support at as soon as possible.  Cancellations are subject to a $100 Live Virtual Proctored Session Late Cancellation Fee that must be paid before you can reschedule for a different ADP proctored session.

Your Zoom meeting invitation link can be found further below.  Please keep reading for additional instructions.


Essential information about your Live Virtual Proctored Session can be found in the IATF ADP Live Virtual Information Package linked below:

This also includes details about the ADP assessments, such as question counts, timing, and allowed reference materials (hard-copy only).

You must have attended an IATF ADP Live Virtual Pre-Meeting prior to the assessment date.  If you are currently scheduled to attend this Pre-Meeting but fail to attend, you will NOT be able to complete your ADP assessments at this session and will need to reschedule.  (If you already attended a Live Virtual Pre-Meeting in the past, you do not have to attend again.)


Approximately 30 to 60 minutes prior to the Personal Start Time indicated above, complete the Live Virtual Proctored Session Checklist.  This self-inspection will ensure your computer and work environment are ready to be inspected by the proctor.

*** IMPORTANT: This Checklist MUST be completed in the ADP by clicking the link to open your first proctored assessment up to 1 hour before the scheduled Personal Start Time indicated above.  If you do not complete the checklist, this may delay your start time. ***

Follow these steps:

1. Between 30 to 60 minutes before your Personal Start Time, log into the ADP Dashboard at

2. Click on the "Library" tab.

3. Click on the link to the first assessment you plan to complete at the proctored session.  (If completing the Initial Assessments, click on "Knowledge Assessment.")

4. Follow the instructions as prompted.  You must click on the checkbox after you've completed each step to proceed to the next step.

5. When you finish all the steps, please wait on the "Summary" screen.  (If you accidentally click Finish and are on the Access Code screen, this is also okay.  If you close your browser and open it again, the system will remember where you left off.)

At the time indicated above, having completed the Checklist, join the Zoom meeting using the information below:


[Your email would include Zoom meeting invite details here.]


You must use the latest version of the Zoom Desktop software to attend the meeting.  Please ensure your name in Zoom matches the name on your IATF ADP account.

After you join the meeting, the proctor will invite you in from the Waiting Room and into your personal Breakout Room to complete the Setup Verification procedure.

Remain connected to the Zoom meeting all day, sharing your screen and video the whole time.  You may only mute your microphone or go off-camera during scheduled breaks in your assessments, or after approval from the proctor.


While we trust that you will not experience any trouble during your session, IATF has adopted a standardized procedure to handle all concerns raised at a session:

1.  Log Issue or Submit Error Report in the ADP (if possible)

2.  Notify the Proctor (and proctor includes in their report)

3.  Close and re-open Browser (if applicable)

4.  Proctor phones Technical Support (for any and all Technical Support cases that require action be taken during the session).

Objective evidence is required to support any problem(s) reported at proctored assessment sessions.  Therefore, auditors must log the issue in the ADP if possible, and proctors must contact Technical Support to ensure all issues are promptly identified and corrected.

NO CONSIDERATION can be given to problems submitted after a session concludes unless the above steps were followed.

Before your proctored session, please review the links below for more important information about ADP Proctored Sessions:

Proctored Assessment Policies and Guidelines

Proctored Session Data Privacy and Protection

To Access the Auditor Development Process, please go to