Applies to:
CB Auditors and CB Contact People (Administrators)

CB Auditors and their CBs are required to provide payment in the ADP at various times during the auditor qualification process (Sponsorship Fees, Retake Fees) and on an annual basis (Annual Fee) to maintain qualification status.  These fees may either be paid by the auditor or by the CB, according to each CB's internal policies and the auditor's employment status.  (Auditors must consult their CB to understand expectations regarding payment.)

The ADP has certain rules regarding which party has the first option to pay certain fees:

  • For Initial Annual Fees and Sponsorship Fees, the CB will have the first option to pay, and must go to the ADP Admin Site to choose payment options.  If they wish for the auditor to pay, they must use the "Forward to Participant" option on the ADP Admin Site.
  • For Retake Assessment Fees, the auditor will have the first option to pay, and must go to the ADP website's Store tab to choose payment options.  If the CB's policy is that they will pay for retake fees, the auditor should follow the steps to generate an invoice, and then manually forward this invoice to their CB for payment.
  • For Annual Fees, either party may pay, according to the CB's internal policy.  Once the fee is made available for purchase (45 days before the due date), either party may follow the steps below to generate the invoice and make payment.

To provide fee payment in the ADP, you must go through the purchasing process.  (Please note that an invoice will not be automatically generated by the ADP -- either the auditor or a CB contact person must follow the manual process to generate an invoice.)  The process differs slightly based on who is completing the task:

For CB Auditors:

  1. Log into the ADP Dashboard.

  2. Click on the "Store" tab.  Items available for purchase will be listed with an "Add to Cart" option.
    NOTE: Certain fees are assigned to the CB for payment by default, and will not be shown in the auditor's Store until it is forwarded by the CB. Additionally, Annual Fees will only become available to purchase 45 days before the due date, and will not be visible in the ADP Store before then.

  3. Click the "Add to Cart" next to each item you wish to pay, and then click "Proceed to Cart."

  4. Review the items added to your shopping cart, and click "Proceed to Checkout."  When the prompt appears, confirm that you are ready to proceed to invoice creation.

  5. Enter the billing address that you wish to have appear on the invoice.  You may also customize various fields that appear on the invoice such the Bill To Name and Care of Company Name.

  6. Click on the "Payment Method" button to select how you will pay for the invoice.  Click on the box representing the way you want to pay, either "Credit Card," "ACH/Bank Transfer," or "Send Check by Mail."

    Payment by credit card will grant access immediately. If you choose to send payment via ACH/Bank Transfer or Check, you will receive access once we receive and process your payment, which may take 1 to 2 weeks in some cases. If someone else is going to pay for the invoice on your behalf, you may choose the "Someone else will pre-pay on your behalf?" option to generate a PDF invoice you can forward to them.

  7. If you choose to pay by credit card, fill out the credit card fields as shown.  The billing address used for your credit card must match the information on file with your card-issuing bank; you may either use the same billing address you entered on the previous step, or enter a different billing address by clicking the "Use a Different Credit Card Billing Address" and completing the form.  Once finished, click on the "Process Card" button to submit your payment.

    NOTE: To ensure correct processing by credit card companies, please ensure to enter your street address beginning with the street number in the first row. For example, "123 Test St." If the street address is not entered in the first address line, or if the street number is not at the beginning of the address field, the system may encounter an error validating the address on your card.

  8. After successfully completing the above steps, you will be able to download your invoice in PDF format.  If you paid by credit card, your purchase will be reflected in the ADP right away.  

    If you chose to pay by bank transfer or check, please view the instructions in the invoice for details on how to submit your payment. As noted above, your payment will only be applied once it is received by our bank, which may require up to 1 to 2 weeks in some cases.

    You can forward the PDF invoice file for other people to pay, as necessary. Use our Invoice Management Site if you wish to pay for a pending invoice by credit card, or to notify us once you send payment by bank or check.

For CB Contact People (Administrators):

CB Contact People (Administrators) are able to follow a similar purchase process, but are able to provide payment for multiple auditors at once.

  1. Login into the ADP Admin Site.

  2. Click on the "Process Auditor Payments" link from the "CB Quick Links" section, or access the "Pending Auditor Payments" option the "Participants" section.

  3. The list on the left will show all the items available for purchase.  Check the box next to one or more items and choose the "Add to Cart" option.  When finished click on "Proceed."

    NOTE: In the case of retakes, these items will only be made visible to the auditor to either purchase or generate an invoice themselves. If your CB policy is that your company will pay for these retakes, please ask the auditor to forward the invoice to you for payment.

  4. Review and confirm the contents of the shipping cart, and click the "Process to Checkout" button.

  5. The remaining purchase steps are the same as those shown for CB Auditors in Steps 5 through 8 in the section above.  Enter the billing address, select the payment method, and complete the purchase process using one of the available payment methods.