Applies to:
CB Auditors, CB Contact People (Administrators), and all those providing payment in the ADP.


Before sending payment by bank transfer, you MUST generate an invoice in the ADP.  If you send a payment without the corresponding ADP invoice, we will be unable to apply your payment.  Please review the instructions in this article for information on how to create an ADP invoice.

Effective 23 November 2022, Plexus updated the banking account details for payments sent by bank/wire transfer.  For more information, please visit this news post.

Your pending IATF ADP Invoice will contain payment instructions.  Please follow the detailed instructions in your invoice to send payment.

The image above is only provided as a sample.  Please consult your own invoice for the account information to use.

When sending bank transfers, please remember these important points:

  1. Please include your invoice number in the notes/additional details section of your bank payment so that we can apply your payment promptly.

  2. After sending a bank payment, you may log into our Invoice Management website to send notification about the incoming payment. This will help us process your payment more quickly.

  3. Bank transfer payments take several days to be processed by the banking system.  In some cases, this may take anywhere from 10 to 20 business days.  Payment deadlines are based on when the payment is received and not when it is sent. If you need to make a time-sensitive payment, we recommend to pay by credit card instead.

Can my company issue a Purchase Order?

Although your company may choose to issue a purchase order, all purchases in the ADP require pre-payment and access will not be granted until payment is confirmed as received by our bank.  The IATF is unable to provide access under different payment terms, such as "Net 30."