Applies to:
CB Auditors and CB Contact People (Administrators)

Payments sent by bank transfer to the United States require several days for processing by the global banking system.  From some countries, this can take anywhere from 10 to 20 business days.  Access cannot be granted in the ADP until payment is received and confirmed by the finance team.  Even though you may have sent the payment, it is not received immediately.  We receive notifications from the bank daily about incoming payments and will apply all payments promptly.

To help ensure your payment is processed quickly, please follow the tips in this article.  In particular, ensure the Beneficiary Name is correctly indicated, and include your Invoice Number in the notes/additional payment details.

Time-sensitive payments

If you need to make a payment that is time-sensitive, we strongly recommend paying by credit card.  As explained above, bank transfer payments require an uncontrollable amount of time to be processed by the global banking system, and we cannot ensure money will be received and processed by a deadline.  We are NOT able to mark a fee as paid until it is actually received and processed.

For Annual Fees, if your fee is not received and processed by the applicable deadline, we will charge a $100 USD Reactivation Fee for this late payment.  This will apply regardless of when you sent the bank payment.  In this case, the sponsorship/account will not be reactivated until both the Annual Fee and Reactivation Fee are received and processed.

Additionally, payment of the Sponsorship Fee Balance Payment must be received and processed prior to completing the ADP Assessments.  If you try to send a bank payment in the days before your assessment date, we will not receive it on time.  In this case, we recommend that you provide payment immediately by credit card instead so that you can complete the assessments as scheduled.  If you already sent the payment by bank transfer, we will refund the credit card purchase once we receive the bank payment.  Otherwise, your attendance will be cancelled and you will have to reschedule to a future ADP assessment session.  Additionally, late cancellations from Live Virtual proctored sessions will incur a $100 USD Late Cancellation Fee.

In summary, auditors and CBs wishing to pay by bank should ensure payments are sent well in advance of any due date to ensure uninterrupted access.