Applies to:
CB Auditors and CB Contact People (Administrators)

If you forget to pay your annual fee on-time, or the fee is not received and processed by the payment deadline, your CB sponsorship will be deactivated in the ADP, and accordingly in the IATF Database.  You will not be able to conduct audits for that CB until your sponsorship is reinstated.  In addition, if your only sponsoring CB is deactivated for non-payment, your entire ADP account will be deactivated.  Reactivation in this scenario requires payment of an additional $100 USD Reactivation Fee.

How to proceed:

  1. Submit a Support Ticket and indicate that you need to make late payment of your Annual Fee.
    1. Indicate the Sponsoring CB in question
    2. Indicate if payment of the Annual Fee was already sent by bank transfer or not.
    3. Provide the Billing Address that should appear on the invoice.

  2. The Support Team will send you back an invoice that includes the Reactivation Fee.  (If you already sent payment for the $250, this may include the $100 by itself, or otherwise it will be a single invoice for $350 USD including both fees.)  For fastest reactivation, we recommend paying this invoice right away by credit card on the Invoice Management website.

  3. If you send payment by bank transfer, use the Invoice Management website to notify us that payment was sent.

  4. Once the invoice is paid (either by credit card, or once the bank transfer payment is received and processed), reply to the email again to request reactivation.  Reactivation in this case is a manual process, so you must contact us again once the fee is paid.

  5. We will reactivate your sponsorship in the ADP.  Your Oversight Office will be notified to make equivalent changes in the IATF Database, which typically occurs in 2 to 5 business days.  If it has been longer than this, please have your CB contact your Oversight Office.

The Annual Fee is available for payment beginning 45 days prior to the due date, and additional reminders are sent 15 days before the deadline.  We strongly recommend providing payment as soon as possible to avoid complicates related to late payment.


The above procedure allows your CB sponsorship to be reactivated within six months of the expiry date.  After this six-month window, you will no longer be eligible for reactivation in this way, and this will be considered a new sponsorship that requires payment of the full ADP CB Sponsorship Fee ($1500 USD).