If you cannot find answers to your questions on this support site, here are some other ways to get help:

IATF Scheme Inquiries

If you have questions about IATF requirements, the auditor qualification process, interpretation of IATF standards or rules, IATF Database corrections, or need to request waivers/reactivation, please have your CB contact your Oversight Office.  

IATF New Auditor Training Inquiries

If you wish to become a new IATF CB Auditor or have questions about New Auditor Training events, please reach out to a Training Organization that serves in your region and language.

CARA Support Inquiries

If you are experiencing problems using CARA, please review this support note or submit a ticket using the CARA Support Portal.

ADP Proctored Session Issues

If you are currently attending an ADP proctored session and are experiencing technical problems, please ask the proctor to contact the Emergency Proctor Support phone number located in the ADP Proctor Handbook.  This emergency support option is available to proctors 24/7 during scheduled ADP proctored sessions.

ADP Technical Support Inquiries

If you are experiencing technical problems with using the ADP, including issues related to payment, scheduling, online training/assessment functionality, ADP scoring and results, ADP-generated certificates, and CPD Tracking, please submit a support ticket. You may also contact us by phone Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm U.S. Eastern Time (GMT-5, or GMT-4 during summer time) at +1 (226) 777-0157 or 1-888-581-9897 (toll-free in North America).

Support is provided in English.  The support offices are closed during Canadian holidays and during the Christmas/New Years holiday period (approximately 25 December to 1 January).

ADP Content/Translation Feedback

If you have feedback about ADP training or assessment content, please use the "Log Issue" option in the ADP.  For issues encountered during proctored sessions, only issues submitted via Log Issue can be considered for potential scoring adjustments.