Applies to:
All IATF auditors and non-auditors in the ADP
CB and Oversight Contact People (Administrators)
Venue and Venue Group Contact People

This IATF ADP support portal has no affiliation with ADP, the Human Resources/Payroll company, and we cannot provide any help with these kinds of requests. If you have are having trouble accessing your company's payroll system, please visit the ADP Customer Service page.

There are several reasons why you might not be able to access the IATF ADP website, so please review the list below and follow the steps that apply to your situation:


I need an IATF ADP account but don't have one

If you are a new auditor candidate who needs to access the IATF ADP to complete online prerequisites prior to attending the New Auditor training class, the first step is that your sponsorship CB needs to submit an application to the applicable Training Organization.  Once they receive and approve your initial application, the Training Organization will trigger the registration process in the ADP and you will receive an email from the ADP with a link to finish the process.   For more information, see this article.

If you are a non-auditor, please contact (or have your CB contact) your Oversight Office to trigger the registration process. Similarly, if you are a CB Contact Person requiring administrative IATF ADP access, please contact your Oversight Office.

If you are a proctor or venue coordinator who needs to be able to access Proctored Session details, please contact the IATF ADP Schedule Administrator.

I forgot my IATF ADP password

If you still have access to the email address on file in the IATF ADP, please visit our Password Reset page to initiate the automated reset process.  Please make sure that you enter the same email addressed used to register in the ADP -- if you enter a different email address, you will not receive a reset email.  If you no longer have access to the email address registered in the IATF ADP, see the "I changed email addresses and so cannot reset my password" question below.

When contacting IATF ADP support, we will never ask for your password and you do not ever need to send it to us.  Please do not share your IATF ADP password with anyone, and always use a different, secure password on every website you visit.

I got locked out after failed login attempts

This lockout will automatically be released after a short period of time, but if you need to regain access right away you may reset your password.

I changed email addresses and so cannot reset my password

If you no longer have access to the email address on file and also cannot remember your password, please submit a support ticket.  We will take additional steps to verify your identity before changing your email address in the IATF ADP.

It says that I have Insufficient privileges

If you are an auditor or non-auditor who needs to access training and assessments in the IATF ADP, please log into the ADP using this link.  If you attempt to access the ADP Admin Site, you may receive this error; the Admin Site is only for CB, Oversight, and Proctored Venue administrators.

It says that my account is not active

If you are a new CB auditor and have never accessed the ADP before, you need to first complete the registration process, as explained in this article.

If you are a CB auditor and your account was active in the past, it could have been deactivated due to failure to pay the Annual Fee or due to not meeting IATF audit day or other ongoing qualification requirements.  If you lost access due to non-payment of the annual fee, please consult this article.  If you lost access due to not meeting IATF requirements, please have your CB contact your Oversight Office for more information and reactivation procedures.

If you are a non-auditor who previously had access, please contact (or have your CB) your Oversight Office for more information.

If you are an administrator, please contact your Oversight Office, the ADP Program Manager, or the IATF Schedule Coordinator as applicable.

It's showing an error message or I have some other problem

Please submit a support ticket detailing the error message you receive or the problem that is occurring.  It would be very helpful if you could submit a screenshot of the error to help our team in quickly identifying the problem.