Applies to:
All CB auditors and non-auditors in the ADP
CB and Oversight Contact People (Administrators)
Venue and Venue Group Contact People

It is possible to update the email address on your ADP account.  This may be needed if, for example, you are an auditor who begins working for a new IATF-contracted certification body, or if you otherwise chose to change your email address.

Please always ensure your email address in the ADP is up-to-date.  This will ensure that you receive critical messages from the ADP pertaining to your ongoing qualification, including notification of pending payments, annual CPD requirement status, and ongoing training requirements.

The way to change your email address depends on whether you still remember your ADP password:

I remember my password

  1. Log into the ADP Dashboard using your old email address and existing password. (If you are an administrator who does not have access to the ADP Dashboard but still remembers your ADP admin password, you may use the Email Change Request form instead.)

  2. From the gear/cog menu in the top-right corner, choose "Profile Settings".

  3. Click on the "Pencil" Icon on the right side of the Email Address row.

  4. Enter your new email address in the New Email Address field and enter it again in the Confirm Email Address field.  Enter your current password, and then click "Update".

  5. You will receive an email at both the old and new email addresses confirming the change.

I forget my password

If you no longer remember your password and also no longer have access to previous email address (and so are unable to receive automated password reset emails), you will need to submit a Support Ticket to request the change.  The ADP Support staff will request additional documented information to verify your identity before changing your email address.

Changing your email address in the ADP will allow you to continue to access the site and receive email notifications, but it will not automatically change the organizations you work for in the ADP.