Applies to:
CB Auditors and CB Contact People (Administrators)

Qualified CB Auditors are allowed to work for more than one sponsoring CB and their qualification status will be retained if they are employed by a different sponsoring CB, provided they pay the applicable fees and meet the ongoing qualification requirements.

The procedure for adding a new sponsoring CB depends on who is initiating the request:

Auditor-initiated sponsorship request

NOTE: This feature is only available to qualified auditors.  If you are a new auditor candidate who has not yet achieved a "yellow" ADP assessment result and need to change your sponsoring CB, please submit a Support Ticket.  If you are a non-auditor, please contact your Oversight Office.

  1. Log into the ADP Dashboard.

  2. From the gear/cog menu in the top-right corner, choose "Organization Assignments".
  3. Current and expired CB sponsorships will be listed.  To add a new sponsorship, select the CB from the "Select CB" dropdown list located in the top-right corner, and then choose "Request Sponsorship."  

    NOTE: If your CB sponsorship was deactivated within the last six months, you are instead eligible to have the sponsorship reactivated. See this article for more information.

  4. The new sponsoring CB must approve your sponsorship request in the ADP and decide who will provide payment for the Sponsorship Fee ($1500 USD).  The CB might, according to their internal policy, choose to forward this fee for you to pay in the ADP.  Once your sponsorship request has been approved and payment has been received and processed, you will be able to begin conducting audits for your new CB.

CB-initiated sponsorship request

NOTE: This procedure allows CBs to request sponsorship of existing qualified auditors.  For qualification of new auditors, please see this article.  To add non-auditors, please contact your Oversight Office.

  1. Designated CB Contact People (Administrators) can log into the ADP Admin Site.

  2. From the "CB Quick Links" menu, choose the "Create New Auditor Sponsorship" option, or access the "Participants" section and choose the "Create New Auditor Sponsorship" link.

  3. Provide the auditor's currently-active ADP email address and their current auditor (identifying) number.  (Even if the auditor will later be changing their email address, provide the address that is active in the ADP at the moment.)

  4. Once you initiate the sponsorship request, complete the same approval/payment steps as you would for an auditor-initiated request.

Adding a new sponsoring CB will not automatically remove any existing sponsoring CBs.  Fees paid for one CB cannot be transferred to other CBs.  If an auditor maintains multiple active sponsoring CBs, each CB will require payment of the Sponsorship Fee and ongoing Annual Fees.