Applies to:
CB Auditors and CB Contact People (Administrators)

If a CB decides that it wishes to no longer sponsor an auditor, or if an auditor decides to terminate their employment/contract with a CB, the sponsoring CB can be removed from an auditor's profile in the ADP.  Once a sponsorship is removed, the relevant Oversight Office will update the IATF Database and the auditor will no longer be able to conduct audits for that CB.

 - Any fees paid are nonrefundable and nontransferable.
 - Any unpaid fees for this CB will be cancelled; do not send payment.
 - If an auditor no longer has any active sponsoring CBs, they will be deactivated.
 - If a CB wishes to re-sponsor an auditor in the future, they must pay the full $1500 fee.

There are several options for removing CB sponsorship in the ADP:

Option 1: Wait for automatic deactivation

CB sponsorships will expire automatically in the ADP if the Annual Fee is not paid.  Simply allowing the Annual Fee to lapse is easy way to remove sponsoring CBs that requires no further action.  Sponsorships deactivated via this method are eligible for reactivation within six months with the additional payment of a $100 USD Reactivation Fee.

Option 2: CB Revoke Sponsorship Form

Designated CB Contact People may revoke sponsorship of an auditor by using the "Revoke Sponsorship" option on the ADP Admin Site.  To do so, search for an auditor's profile and find the relevant "Revoke Sponsorship" link under the "Organizations" tab.  Please review the terms carefully before submitting the sponsorship request, as this action is immediate and cannot be undone. For more information on this option, please consult the ADP Administrator Guidebook for CB Administrators.

Option 3: Send in a Support Request

Auditors who wish to remove a sponsoring CB themselves can submit a support ticket, providing the relevant reasons for their request.  Requests submitted via this method will be actioned immediately and cannot be undone.