Applies to:
All auditors and non-auditors completing ADP proctored assessments

Your participation at an ADP proctored session has an impact on your personal data stored in the ADP and the way it is shared with authorized third-parties.  While this use of data is in alignment with our Data Privacy & Protection Policy, we would like to draw your attention to a few aspects unique to proctored sessions:

  1. When you schedule attendance at an ADP proctored session, your name, email address, scheme identifying number, and relevant scheduling details will be shared with authorized proctors and facility administrators to support management of the proctored session.  In some cases, proctored sessions may be run by third-party contracted organizations, occur at third-party (non-IATF-affiliated) facilities, or may involve contracted proctor staff.  The proctored session roster may be printed or otherwise reproduced to support proctor activities (including retaining historic records of proctor activities), but this information will not be used for any purpose other than facilitating IATF proctor activities.

  2. At the proctored session, the proctor will ask to look at government-issued photo ID to confirm your identity.  This is for verification purposes only, and the ID will not be stored or recorded.

  3. If you attend an in-person proctored session or Phase 2 Evaluation event:
    1. When you arrive at the proctored facility, the proctor may ask you to sign a printed roster to confirm your attendance at the session.  This signature will be retained as evidence of your participation, but will not be used for any other purpose.

    2. The computers you will be using to complete the ADP proctored assessments may use security software that restrict use of the computer and track computer activities to prevent unauthorized use.  You should not use these computers to access any sensitive personal data or to access any websites besides the ADP.

    3. If you are attending a Phase 2 Evaluation event and the venue asks you to bring your own device, this will be subject inspection by the proctor and use of the device will be monitored by the proctor/evaluators throughout the session.  You are responsible for ensuring that you do not have any sensitive or proprietary information visible at any time.

  4. If you attend a Live Virtual proctored session or Phase 2 Evaluation event:
    1. You must consent to use software by Zoom Video Communications, Inc. and agree to their legal terms and data protection/privacy agreements.  It is not possible to attend a Live Virtual Proctored Session without using Zoom software; if you do not wish to use Zoom, you must attend an in-person proctored session instead.

    2. Throughout the session, your audio, video, and computer screen contents will be transmitted to the proctor through Zoom's servers.  The location of these Zoom servers will be determined based on the proctor's location, visible when scheduling in the ADP.

    3. You are responsible for ensuring that you do not have any sensitive or proprietary information visible at any time from the moment you join the Zoom meeting until after you leave at the end of your session.

  5. Although your actions at a proctored session will not generally be recorded, the authorized proctors may retain photos, video/audio clips, or screenshots if needed as evidence to support any suspected policy violations and may share this information with IATF and its partners to support the auditor qualification process.

If you have any questions related to data privacy and protection as it relates to ADP proctored sessions, please submit a Support Ticket.