Applies to:
CB Auditors
(Sponsoring CBs should refer to CB Communiqué 2022-002 for more information.)

Effective July 2022, qualified auditors and their sponsoring CBs can use the ADP to download auditor qualification certificates.  You can download these certificates on an "on-demand" basis.  The IATF does not require you to have or show these certificates when performing IATF-related audit activities, but you can use them whenever requested by CBs, clients, or other stakeholders.

Qualification certificates generated by the ADP include your certification body, identifying number, and the certificate generation date.  By visiting the Certificate Verification Website or scanning the QR Code located on the certificate, stakeholders can confirm the certificate is still valid, including related sponsorship and qualification expiry dates.  All active, qualified CB auditors in the ADP will have access to these certificates, whether they were qualified under the previous 5-day qualification process (with a 3-XX, 4-ADP or 5-ADP identifying number) or under the new 4-day qualification process (with 3-AUD-B or 4-AUD-B identifying numbers).

NOTE: Before this change, these certificates were being issued by Training Organizations and/or Oversight Offices.  Any certificates generated in the past will not be available in the ADP.  Going forward, you may download all qualification certificates from the ADP and they will no longer be issued by TOs/OOs.


How do I access/download Auditor Qualification Certificates?

If you are a qualified and active CB auditor (with at least one active sponsoring CB), you may access certificates through the ADP Dashboard:

  1. Log into the ADP website (
  2. Click on the “History & Certificates” tab
  3. Click the relevant link under the “Certificates Earned” section
  4. If there are multiple active sponsoring CBs, select the relevant CB.  Choose to either view the certificate in the browser or have it sent to you by email.  (Repeat as needed for additional CBs.)

You can only download these certificates if you are eligible to conduct IATF audits.  Certificates are not available to auditor candidates still in the initial qualification process or to non-auditors/free ticket candidates.

Why does the certificate not show an expiry date on it?

The Rules for achieving and maintaining IATF Recognition identify several actions you and your sponsoring CB(s) must take to maintain your IATF recognition, including payment of annual fees, minimum audit day and CPD requirements, completion of ongoing qualification requirements in the ADP as required, and more.  Failure to complete any of these requirements can result in a loss of auditor qualification status at any time, despite what may be shown on a printed certificate.   Therefore, to check the latest qualification status and confirm the validity of any printed certificates, stakeholders should scan the QR Code, visit the Certificate Verification website, or check the latest status in the IATF Database or ADP.

Do auditor qualification certificates expire?

Despite the fact that certificates do not show expiry dates on them (as explained above), they can still expire if your qualification status changes, if your CB stops sponsoring you, or if you otherwise lose your IATF auditor recognition.  If this happens, when a stakeholder attempts to scan the QR Code or visit the Certificate Verification website, it will either recommend or require a new certificate. We recommend downloading a new certificate whenever your qualification or sponsorship status changes, or at least once a year after you pay your Annual Fee.

Will certificates be sent to me automatically?

No, this is an "on-demand" certificate feature, which means you or your sponsoring CB need to download the certificates from the ADP website if/when you need them.  If your qualification status or identifying number changes (for example, if you change from Yellow to Green in the initial qualification process), you may download new certificates from the ADP.  In addition, if you change sponsoring CB or add an additional sponsoring CB, you may download the certificate for that new CB once the Sponsorship Fee has been paid.  To reflect the latest status, we recommend you download a new certificate every year whenever you pay your Annual Fee.

How do I get a certificate for my new sponsoring CB?

Assuming you are a qualified auditor eligible to conduct IATF audits, the certificate will be available in the ADP as soon as the Sponsorship Fee is marked as paid.  The certificate will be available both to you and to your sponsoring CB administrators.

Am I required to download or use these certificates?

No, these certificates are not mandated or required by the IATF.  You only need to download them if your CB, a client, or other stakeholder requests them from you, or if you wish to retain it for your own records.  The latest auditor qualification status can always be found in the IATF Database and/or in the ADP.

The name shown on my certificate needs to be corrected. What should I do?

Please direct your request to your CB who can raise the request to their Oversight Office.  This will ensure the correction takes place both in the ADP and in the IATF Database.  

I am having some problem downloading or accessing my certificates.  What should I do?

First, please ensure that you are an active, qualified auditor eligible to conduct IATF audits.  If you are still a candidate in the initial qualification process, if you are a non-auditor or "free ticket" candidate, or if your IATF recognition is suspended/expired for any reason, you will not be able to download qualification certificates in the ADP.  Additionally, if you lose a sponsoring CB, you will no longer be able to download certificates for these past inactive CBs.  If your identifying number changes and you never generated a certificate for your previous identifying number (or for a given sponsoring CB), you will similarly not be able to download these past certificates.

Otherwise, if you receive an error message when downloading certificates, please submit a Support Ticket.  Please send a screenshot or relevant details of the problem you are experiencing.