Below is a copy of the Joining Letter received when an in-person Proctored Session is approved by the IATF.  The copy you receive by email will include personalized information, including the venue details, the session date/time, and a calendar attachment.

Dear IATF Auditor,

***This E-mail contains important information about your proctored session.  You are encouraged to print this message and bring it with you to the session.***

This E-mail is to confirm your place at the IATF 16949 ADP Proctored Assessment Event on [date] starting at [time].  Please present yourself at the session at least 15 minutes prior to the start time in order to sign-in with the proctor.

Note: If you scheduled to complete Retakes in the Afternoon only, you do not need to arrive until the afternoon session begins.  Please consult the ADP Scheduling section for further details.

IMPORTANT: If you are planning to complete your ADP Initial Assessments, please ensure that payment of the Sponsorship Balance Fee has been fully received/processed prior to the assessment date.  Note that payment via bank transfer may require 10 to 20 business days for processing.  If your Sponsorship Balance Fee is not marked as paid in the ADP, you will NOT be able to complete your ADP Initial Assessments and will need to be rescheduled.


The Proctoring Assessment venue will be [venue location].  Attached are directions to the venue for your information.  Computer equipment and access to the ADP will be provided at the venue.  The address information for the venue is provided below:

[Your email would include venue address details here.]

Please bring a valid form of government-issued photographic identification, which may include passport, drivers license, etc.  Please also ensure that you bring or know your IATF ADP password, as you will need this to complete the assessments.


You can access the ADP through the following URL:

If you experience any technical problems while using the ADP, please use the "Log Issue" button or contact


1. Please note that, for auditors completing the Initial Assessments ONLY (this does *not* apply to auditors completing Retakes), the session will follow timing similar to that shown below:

      - 15 minutes: Introduction briefing

      - 40 minutes: Knowledge Assessment Part 1: IATF 16949 & Rules 5th

      - 60 minutes: Knowledge Assessment Part 2: FMEA, MSA, SPC

      - 20 minutes: Break

      - 90 minutes: Application Assessment Part 1

      - 45 minutes: Lunch

      - 90 minutes: Application Assessment Part 2

      - 15 minutes: Break

      - 90 minutes: Application Assessment Part 3

The times indicated for breaks and lunch above are only an example; each venue may adjust this timing slightly as required.

For auditors completing Retakes, you should show up at the time selected when scheduling in the ADP.  If you scheduled to complete multiple Retakes at the session, you will be able to complete them in whatever order you prefer.  Only scheduled Retakes can be completed at the session.

Information about the amount of questions in each section is provided later in this message.

2. You will be allowed to bring with you and use the following documents during the assessments in hard-copy format only:

     - IATF 16949 and ISO 9001

     - Rules for Achieving IATF Recognition Edition

     - Associated IATF 16949 SIs, FAQs

     - Rules for Achieving IATF Recognition Edition SIs, FAQs and Errata Sheet

     - Translation Dictionary (non-electronic)

     - A printed copy of this notice

Please note these documents will be checked by the proctor prior to the commencement of the assessments.

3.  Any personal possessions will not be allowed at the workstation and will be stored in a safe location as instructed by the proctor.  Any person found having personal electronic equipment at the workstation will be removed from the session.


To assist with time management while completing the assessments, please find below information about the timing and amount of questions in each section, as available.

For the Initial Assessments:

Knowledge Part 1 (40 min)

 - IATF 16949 - 20 questions

 - Rules - 20 questions

Knowledge Part 2 (60 min)

 - FMEA - 20 questions

 - MSA - 20 questions

 - SPC - 20 questions

Application Parts 1 to 3 (90 min each)

 - Audit Planning - 6 question screens each

 - Audit Phase - 10 question screens each

Please note that the Application Assessment audit phase (Stage 1, Stage 2, Surveillance, Recertification) may vary depending on the scenario assigned in each part.  Some question screens may have multiple questions.

For Retake Assessments:

 - IATF 16949 Knowledge Retake: 50 questions, 50 minutes

 - All other Knowledge Retakes: 25 questions, 25 minutes

 - All Application Retakes: 1 hour 30 minutes (question count varies)


While we trust that you will not experience any trouble during your session, IATF has adopted a standardized procedure to handle all concerns raised at a session:

1.  Log Issue or Submit Error Report in the ADP (if possible)

2.  Notify the Proctor (and proctor includes in their report)

3.  Close and re-open Browser (if applicable)

4.  Proctor phones Technical Support (for any and all Technical Support cases that require action be taken during the session).

Objective evidence is required to support any problem(s) reported at proctored assessment sessions.  Therefore, auditors must log the issue in the ADP if possible, and proctors must contact Technical Support to ensure all issues are promptly identified and corrected.

NO CONSIDERATION can be given to problems submitted after a session concludes unless the above steps were followed.

Before your proctored session, please review the links below for more important information about ADP Proctored Sessions:

Proctored Assessment Policies and Guidelines

Proctored Session Data Privacy and Protection

International Automotive Task Force

Auditor Development Process