Applies to:
CB Auditors qualified under the previous 5-day New Auditor qualification process now undertaking requalification in the ADP.


The IATF updated the New Auditor Qualification Process in CB Communiqué 2021-010 to move to a 4-day training event (either in-person or Live Virtual) with initial assessments completed in the ADP.  If you attended new auditor training under this new qualification process (with 4-day training and initial qualification in the ADP, which includes pilot auditor candidates in 2021), please visit the Support Article for the new qualification process instead.

Auditors who achieved initial qualification under the 5-day New Auditor qualification process will have a 3-FR/GE/IT/UK/US identifying number valid for up to two (2) years.  During this period, auditors (or their CBs) must:

  1. Submit payment for the Sponsorship Balance Fee ($1250 USD) in the ADP.

  2. Schedule to complete requalification assessments at an ADP proctored assessment session.  (If attending a Live Virtual proctored session, the auditor must scheduled to attend a Live Virtual Pre-Meeting before the proctored session date.  More information about Live Virtual Proctoring.)

  3. Attend the proctored session to complete the Knowledge Assessment and Application Assessment.

Auditors must complete the ADP assessments prior to their credential expiry date.

Upon completing the initial assessments in the ADP, auditor candidates will be presented with a scoring breakdown in ten (10) different competency areas (five Knowledge competencies, five Application competencies).

Red: Less than 50%

Yellow: 50% to 79% for Knowledge competencies, 50% to 74% for Application Competencies

Green: 80%+ for Knowledge competences, 75%+ for Application competencies

Based on these results:

  1. If the auditor received a red result in one or more competency areas (less than 50% score), they have three (3) retake attempts to upgrade each of these competency areas to at least yellow.  This must be completed within 120 days.

  2. If the auditor received a yellow result in one or more competency areas (less than 80% score in Knowledge, less than 75% score in Application), they have three (3) retake attempts to upgrade each competency to green.  This must be completed within 12 months.

For more information, please see How many retakes attempts am I allowed?

Auditors who fail to achieve a green score in one or more competency areas by the time limit or retake attempt limit are subject to deactivation and must restart the new auditor qualification process.

Auditors who do achieve an all-green result will receive a 5-ADP identifying number with an "indefinite" expiry.  To maintain qualification, auditors must meet the requirements in the Rules for achieving and maintaining IATF recognition, which includes minimum audit day requirements, annual Continuing Personal Development hours, and the periodic introduction of new training requirements in the ADP.