Applies to:
New CB Auditor Candidates since 2022 (and pilot users in 2021)


The IATF updated the New Auditor Qualification Process in CB Communiqué 2021-010 to move to a 4-day training event (either in-person or Live Virtual) with initial assessments completed in the ADP.  If you attended new auditor training under the previous qualification process (with 5-day training including evaluation, and later requalification in the ADP), please visit the Support Article for the previous qualification process instead.

The initial application process is described in the flowchart below:

The initial process steps are also explained in our "Registering as a New Auditor Candidate" support article.  Once the OO/TO approves the application, the auditor must complete initial registration in the ADP, the CB must approve the sponsorship request, and either the auditor OR the CB must pay the $250 USD Initial Annual Fee (based on the CB's internal policy). 

Auditor candidates must complete the following online prerequisites:

  • IATF 16949 Training and Quiz (successful pass)
  • Rules 5 Training and Quiz (successful pass)

  • Knowledge Pre-Study Exams (completion)

  • FMEA and Control Plan Training and Quiz (successful pass)

  • MSA and SPC Training and Quiz (successful pass)

  • AIAG-VDA FMEA Handbook Training and Quiz (successful pass)

Once complete, the CB must apply with the relevant TO/OO for the auditor candidate to attend the 4-day New Auditor Training event, including payment of the related attendance fee.  The steps then continue to the flowchart shown below:

CB must arrange payment for the $1,250 USD Sponsorship Balance Fee in the ADP.  This will often be verified as part of the application process to the TO/OO, but must absolutely be completed before auditors candidates can complete their Initial Assessments.

As part of the application process for 4-day New Auditor Training event, the TO/OO will communicate their expectations regarding initial assessment scheduling:

  1. The TO/OO may offer designated scheduled dates for attending candidates to complete their proctored initial assessments.
  2. The TO/OO may direct candidates to schedule their own attendance at any available ADP proctored session.

The Initial Assessments must be completed within one-to-three (1-3) months (30 to 90 days) from the training date.  If these assessments will be completed in a Live Virtual proctored environment, the auditor candidate must also attend a Live Virtual Pre-Meeting.  (More information about Live Virtual proctoring.)

Upon completing the initial assessments in the ADP, auditor candidates will be presented with a scoring breakdown in ten (10) different competency areas (five Knowledge competencies, five Application competencies).

Red: Less than 50%

Yellow: 50% to 79% for Knowledge competencies, 50% to 74% for Application Competencies

Green: 80%+ for Knowledge competences, 75%+ for Application competencies

Based on these results:

  1. If the auditor candidate achieves a red score (less than 50%) in one or more Application competency areas, they must re-attend the 4-day training event prior to attempting any ADP retake assessments.

  2. For all red or yellow competency areas, auditor candidates will have up to 12 months (1 year) to achieve a green score, with up to four (4) retake attempts per competency area.

  3. Once the auditor achieves at least a yellow score in all competency areas (but not yet all green), they will receive a 3-AUD-B identifying number and be eligible to conduct audits for whatever remains of the one year from the initial assessment date.  (NOTE: This is NOT a new one-year period from the point of achieving yellow.)

  4. Once the auditor achieves a green result in all competency areas, they will receive a 4-AUD-B identifying number and be eligible to conduct audits for two years from the full-pass date. Further details about future qualification activities will be provided in due course.

  5. If the auditor fails to achieve a green result in one or more competency areas by the indicate time limit or retake attempt limit, they must restart the process from the beginning as a new auditor candidate.

Certification Bodies with any questions about the qualification process should direct them to the relevant Training Organization and/or Oversight Organization.  Auditor candidates are recommended to ask their CB, who can pass any remaining questions along as necessary.