Applies to:
CB Auditors and CB Contact People (Administrators)

If you have been asked to pay for an ADP fee but do not see the option to provide payment on the ADP website, it may not be available for one of the following reasons:

Annual Fee Availability

The option to pay the Annual Fee will become available 45 days before the due date, and the ADP will send an email to notify you when this is available.  Please wait until this date to attempt to send payment for this fee.

Account Deactivation

If your account was deactivated due to non-payment of the Annual Fee, not meeting quarterly audit day requirements, or otherwise not meeting ongoing qualification requirements, you will no longer be able to provide payment through the ADP website.  If you need to provide late payment of the Annual Fee, please read this Support Article for more information.

Payment Priority

In the case of Initial Annual Fees and Sponsorship Fees, CB Administrators have the responsibility to decide how the payment should be managed. If the CB's internal policy is that the auditor must pay these fees themselves, they must either generate the invoice and manually forward it to the auditor for payment, or use the "Forward to Participant" option on the ADP Admin Site.

In the case of Retake Assessment Fees, CB Auditors have the responsibility to access payment options on the ADP website; these fees are not directly accessible for payment by CB Administrators.  If the CB's internal policy is that the CB will pay Retake Fees, the auditor should generate the invoice through the ADP purchase process and manually forward it to their CB.

For all other ADP fees, either party (auditor or CB Administrator) is able to initiate the purchase process.

Invoice already generated

If a CB administrator or auditor already generated an invoice for a specific fee in the ADP, it will not be possible for the other party to go through the purchasing process.  The previously-generated invoice should be forwarded to the party who needs to provide the payment, or cancelled.  If you need to adjust the billing address shown on the invoice or cancel it, you may use the Invoice Management Website.

Please note that the ADP does not generate/send invoices directly.  Either the CB Administrator or Auditor must go to the ADP website and go through the payment process to generate the invoice.  For more information, please visit this support article.

If you have further problems making payments through the ADP, please contact our Support Team.