Applies to:
CB Auditors who have completed the initial qualification process under the 4-Day New Auditor Qualification Program and achieved a green result with a 4-AUD-B identifying number.

This does NOT apply to CB auditors who already requalified under the previous program and have a 4-ADP or 5-ADP identifying number.

As explained in IATF CB Communiqué 2021-010, CB auditors who achieve a green result in the initial assessment process for the 4-Day New Auditor Qualification Program will be assigned a 4-AUD-B identifying number with two-year validity.  These auditors will then be required to successfully complete the requalification process prior to this expiry date.

At this time, the IATF has not yet announced the details of the requalification process, so it is not possible for CB auditors or their CBs to take any related actions yet.  Once the program is finalized, details will be made available to all stakeholders through a new CB Communiqué, including instructions about any actions that need to be completed in the ADP.  We will also update this page with further details once available.