Applies to:
CB Auditors who have completed the initial qualification process under the 4-Day New Auditor Qualification Program and achieved a green result with a 4-AUD-B identifying number.

This does NOT apply to CB auditors who already requalified under the previous program and have a 4-ADP or 5-ADP identifying number.


IATF released CB Communiqué 2023-001 that explains Phase 2 of the Auditor Qualification Process.

The FAQ below attempts to answer common questions related to the Phase 2 process, and we will keep updating it as we receive new questions.

Q: What is this "Phase 2" referring to?

A: All new auditors who attended the 4-Day Training and passed the ADP Initial Assessments received a 4-AUD-B identifying number with a two-year expiry date.  This process can be considered "Phase 1."  To extend their credentials beyond that initial two-year period, these new auditors must successfully complete an interview with two IATF evaluators based on their review of a Case Study in proctored conditions, and this is the "Phase 2" activity.  Phase 2 Evaluation events will be offered as both in-person and Live Virtual (Zoom) scheduled events.  Phase 2 is the final stage of the new auditor qualification process.  (NOTE: This process does NOT apply to auditors who qualified under the previous process and have a 3-FR/GE/IT/UK/US, 4-ADP, or 5-ADP identifying number.)

Q: When do I need to sign up for the Phase 2 Evaluation event?

A: Auditors with a 4-AUD-B identifying number need to complete their initial Phase 2 Evaluation (interview) attempt anywhere between 12 to 24 months after they passed the initial ADP assessments.  The first Phase 2 Evaluation events are planned beginning in early 2024.  Auditors will be notified by the ADP when they are eligible to apply for the Phase 2 Evaluation.

Q: How do I see the schedule of available Phase 2 Evaluation events?

A: Each IATF Training Organisation will be scheduling their own events, but this list will also be available to auditors on the IATF ADP Event List that can be found in the "Scheduled Events" tab, and through the "Event List" button in the "Schedule" section on the ADP Admin Site for approved CB Administrators. 

Q: How do I sign up/schedule for a Phase 2 Evaluation event?

A: The auditor's sponsoring CB needs to submit an application with the relevant Training Organisation.  (It won't be possible for auditors/CBs to schedule directly in the ADP.)  Please visit the applicable TO website for more information.  After applying with the TO and making necessary payment arrangements, the TO will schedule the auditor to the session through the ADP.  The CB can indicate the auditor's preference for a morning or afternoon time slot as part of the application process (with slots assigned based on availability -- you might not get your preferred choice if it's already full).

Q: My 4-AUD-B expires in early 2024 but I can't apply/schedule yet!

A: Because this process is only rolling out starting in January 2024, a small number of auditors who expire early in 2024 will have to schedule to a session promptly in the first few months of the year.  Please make scheduling arrangements once available to ensure you complete your initial attempt prior to your credential expiry date.  CBs may contact their Oversight Office if there are any unresolvable timing concerns.

Q: How will I (the auditor) know what time of day my interview will occur?

A: Approximately one week before the session's start date, scheduled auditors will receive a Session Approval Notice from the ADP that includes their Personal Start Time.  For in-person events, auditors should aim to arrive at the venue at least 30 minutes prior to this scheduled start time.  For Live Virtual events, auditors should enter the ADP website between 30 to 60 minutes before their scheduled start time to complete the Pre-Session Checklist.  More information will be included in the session approval email you will receive approximately one week before the session.

Q: If I am attending a Live Virtual Phase 2 Evaluation event, do I need to attend a Pre-Meeting first?

A: IATF's Live Virtual proctoring process is aligned between ADP Proctored Sessions and the Phase 2 Evaluation events, and each auditor wishing to do any Live Virtual activity only needs to attend a pre-meeting one time in total.

  • If you attended a Live Virtual Pre-Meeting before, you do NOT need attend a Pre-Meeting again.
  • If you NEVER attended a Live Virtual Pre-Meeting but want to attend a Live Virtual Phase 2 Evaluation event, then you DO need to attend a Pre-Meeting.

Learn more about Live Virtual Proctoring.

Q: What will happen during the Phase 2 Evaluation event?

A: If you're attending an in-person event, you'll be greeted by the proctor at your Personal Start Time and led to the location where you'll be able to review your Phase 2 Evaluation Case Study in the ADP.  At a Live Virtual event, you should join the Zoom meeting after completing the Pre-Session Checklist in the ADP, and at your Personal Start Time the proctor will lead you to your Breakout Room where they will perform the Setup Inspection.  You will have 45 minutes to review the Case Study using the e-Doc features in the ADP.  Within the ADP, you will be able to take notes and highlight any relevant portions of the document to help you remember to mention them during your interview.  Then, after a short 5 minute break (schedule-depending), you will begin your 40-minute interview.  (At in-person events, you will move to the interview room; at Live Virtual events, the IATF evaluators will join your Breakout Room in Zoom.)  You will be again able to refer to the Case Study document in the ADP, along with the notes/highlights you previously left there.  Once you finish the interview, you'll be able to leave the session.

Participation at all ADP Proctored Sessions, including Phase 2 Evaluation events, is subject to the Proctored Assessment Policies and Guidelines and the Proctored Session Data Privacy and Protection Guidance.  Please review this information carefully.

Q: At in-person Phase 2 Evaluation events, do I need to bring a computer to the session?

A: This is at the discretion of each Training Organisation, and details about this will be included in the Session Approval email approximately one week before the session's start date.  If you are asked to bring your own computer, your machine will be subject to inspection by the proctor and evaluators at the session, and you will need to ensure that all unnecessary programs and files are closed and inaccessible for the duration of the event.  Otherwise, the facility might elect to provide secure computers for you to use for the duration of the event.  Again, please refer to the Session Approval email (or information from the Training Organisation) to confirm this prior to attending.

Q: Can I bring my standards with me? Can I take notes on paper?

A: Auditors are allowed to bring and use physcial/printed copies of related standards at Phase 2 Evaluation events, including ISO 9001, IATF 16949, Rules, and related SIs and FAQs.  However, IATF 16949 and Rules will also be available through the Standard Explorer feature in the ADP, so auditors may also refer to it in this way.  Digital copies of the standards (besides the Standard Explorer feature) are otherwise not allowed.  Auditors will NOT be permitted to take notes on paper at Phase 2 Evaluation events, whether in-person or Live Virtual, but may use the notes/highlighting features within the ADP's e-Doc functionality.

Q: Can I (the auditor) try out using the ADP tools that will be used at the Phase 2 Evaluation Event?

A: Yes, once the ADP notifies you that you're ready to schedule for the Phase 2 Evaluation event, we will assign the "Phase 2 Evaluation Information Package" as an e-Doc to your IATF ADP Library.  This Information Package uses the same e-Doc functionality that will be used during the Phase 2 Evaluation event, and the document will provide instructions on how to access needed features like the notes and highlighting tools.  We strongly recommend that all auditors take ample time to explore the Information Package and try out the e-Doc tools in advance of their Phase 2 Evaluation session.

Q: How do I pass the Phase 2 Evaluation process?  What happens if I fail?

Auditors will be evaluated according to the five essential auditing competencies and provided a Pass/Fail score in each dimension.  If the auditor receive a failing score in one or more competences, they will have failed the Phase 2 Evaluation and need to complete a retake.  Each qualified 4-AUD-B auditor only has ONE (1) possible retake opportunity for the Phase 2 Evaluation (a total of two attempts), after which time they would need to re-apply as a new auditor.  Any auditors who fail their initial attempt will receive a 5-AUD-B identifying number with six-month expiry, and can only conduct audits as a team member during that time.  The process of applying for a retake is the same as applying for the initial Phase 2 Attempt.  

Auditors who pass their initial or retake attempt will receive a 6-AUD-B identifying number with no expiry date, and will be subject to any maintaining auditor qualification and approval requirements according to the IATF Rules.

Q: What should I do if I have more questions?

A: CBs should direct any questions about the Phase 2 Evaluation process to their Oversight Office or to the relevant IATF Training Organisation.  Auditors can also find additional information in the Phase 2 Evaluation Information Package that will be assigned to their ADP accounts once they're eligible to schedule for a Phase 2 Evaluation event.  For technical difficulties or questions about using the ADP features once the Phase 2 Evaluation process launches in 2024, you may also contact the IATF ADP Help Desk.